Beefeater Blackberry Flavoured Gin 70cl


Beefeater Blackberry Flavoured Gin 70cl
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Taking the quintessential British Bramble fruit Beefeater has developed a fresh Blackberry flavoured gin with a soft violet colour. What better way to make the Dick Bradsell's famous 1980 Bramble Berry cocktail. Based on an archived blackberry infusion recipe by original founder James Burrough. A quintessentially British fruit, providing a great opportunity for several serves. Serving Suggestion: Beefeater Blackberry & Tonic 50ml Beefeater Blackberry, 150ml Premium tonic, Garnish with Fresh Blackberries and a slice of Lemon / lemon twist Based on James Burrough's original 19th century recipe, the botanicals in Beefeater gin are steeped for 24 hours prior to distillation resulting in a complex, yet perfectly balanced gin of depth & integrity. Beefeater London Dry was born and bred in the heart of London where it remains after over 150 years. As the Spirit of London, Beefeater has absorbed the city's creativity and energy letting it seep into its soul. Today, Beefeater is the most awarded gin in the world made by the world's most experienced gin distiller.

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Recipe Suggestion: The Blackberry B&T 50ml Beefeater Blackberry, 150ml Tonic, Ice & Fresh Blackberries


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